Get on the Social Bookmarking Buzz Bandwagon

Unless you are totally new to using a computer I’m sure you’ve heard talk of social bookmarking buzz. Why is it that social bookmarking is more powerful than traditional link building strategies? What do you have to benefit from getting onto the social bookmarking buzz bandwagon?

Social sites such as: Digg, Mixx, Jumptags, Delicious, and the like are massive sites that categorize bookmarks, which are links going to selected pages, on specific websites. Preferably yours. Millions of people visit social bookmarking sites searching for information just like they do on Google.

The strategy in bookmarking is to post links leading back to your website from these social bookmarking buzz sites. By adding tags (keywords) to your bookmarks your content will be found when other people search by category. Social bookmarking is the new generic way to build in bound links and improving your sites popularity naturally. However, it should not be confused with traditional link building. Inbound social bookmarking is a ranking factor that is a part of Googles algorithm.

Google puts a lot of emphasis on social bookmarking which is why this is the new link building strategy and the major ranking factor every site should focus on.

How You Will Benefit From Social Bookmarking Buzz

Fast Search Engine Indexing:
Bookmarking sites have high page rankings due to the shear volume of the content. The search engine spiders visit these sites often and follow your link to your site.

Higher Search Engine Ranking:
Whenever you can get high quality one-way links your content will get found higher in the search results pages. Social bookmarking buzz gets you unlimited links to your site around your keywords. The more keyword links that are relevant to your site concept will improve your sites ranking.

Better Page Rank
High ranking bookmarking sites linking to your site improves your page ranking.

More Targeted Traffic
If your bookmarks are tagged correctly you will receive more targeted traffic from searchers looking for information in the bookmarking sites.

Bookmarking your content can be a tedious process. You have to sign up to become a member, enter the URL of the page to be bookmarked, add a description of the article, wait to find if this is duplicate content, and fill out the captcha to be sure you are human.

One of the pitfalls that many marketers fall into is bookmarking too much of their own content which is too promotional and not social. The best strategy is to bookmark 40-50 webpages of other peoples content before you bookmark your own content. Stay within this pattern when creating social buzz.

Then there is the problem with duplicate content. If you are copy and pasting your description to bookmark your content on multiple sites you may just be shooting yourself in the foot and wasting your valuable time.

Bookmarking sites are broken down to 2 main types:

Voting sites should have content that doesn’t have sign up forms or the like. It can have links to another page that leads your reader to the next step.

Non-voting sites on the other hand, can be anything you want. Sign up forms, lead capture pages, and affiliate links are permissible but you still should bookmark valuable and entertaining content. Give your readers a reason to take an action.

Knowing the importance that Google puts on social bookmarking you should have a social bookmarking widget on all of your web content.

Remember; the concept behind social bookmarking is a ranking factor. Its first about search engine optimization (getting your content ranked higher in the results pages) the byproduct of social buzz is inbound references, links, comments, keywords (tags), and possibly new business.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Is it worth it? Is your time better spent working on other income producing activities? Wouldn’t it be great if other people bookmarked your content for you? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about the self promotional problem.

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